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telecore’s management services include:
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at telecore, we deliver a wide-range of project management services. offering organizations the expertise to manage contractors, communication, and personnel, we are dedicated to ensuring your project is done right, within budget, and on time. 

our process:

we appoint a single project manager to oversee and direct your project.  the assigned project manager will be a member of your team, learning all desired goals and optimal objectives.  considering your organization’s anticipated outcomes, the duty of the project manager is to ensure your project runs smoothly, from start to finish.

project manager duties:
• define project goals
• determine a strategy to exceed expectations
• assess profitability of all project activities
• anticipate project challenges
• develop solutions to overcome potential challenges
• guide and direct team
• provide summary reports while the project is in process
• project variance reports comparing forecasted with actual

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our goal is to coordinate and your next construction project.  from attaining a building permit through construction completion, we take responsibility for all tasks required in the construction process. 

construction management duties:
pre-construction analysis:  gather site-specific information and evaluate the initial construction concepts ensure successful, minimal-hassle implementation.

  • technical site visits and audits: develop construction plans based of pre-construction analysis.
  • subcontractor management:  manage entire construction team, in addition to independent suppliers and subcontractors, to ensure a timely completion on budget.
  • site inspection and close-out: perform final inspection to ensure completion of all documentation and all aspects of the project have been implemented.
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at telecore, we value proper asset management.  we ensure all equipment is ordered and inventoried to guarantee proper order fulfillment.  our goal is for all equipment to be accounted for by your customers.
materials management duties:

• setup warehouse for flawless operation
• shipping and receiving  of equipment and material
• tracking systems to measure asset management
• materials management